Tuesday, December 25, 2007

We Believe...

Santa found Austin this year! He must have been good the 1st 4 months of his life! He especially loves his new Jump-A-Roo. Brian was up early on Christmas morning getting everything ready for Austin. We then went to the Kruger's for a nice lunch and had a fun gift exchange that seems to get more interesting each year!

Monday, December 24, 2007

Off to Pittsfield we go...

We headed to Pittsfield on Saturday to start the Wilder Christmas festivities. Justin had a hard time getting used to sharing his Papa when Austin got there. He really loves Austin and just can't get close enough to him, but didn't want Austin to get too close to Papa. On Sunday we all went to Church and Austin was a very good boy considering we forgot the diaper bag...opps!! Moxie was sad she couldn't go with us! We ended up leaving Moxie in Pittsfield until after New Year's since we're heading to Nebraska.

On Sunday the Spies family arrived. We spent the afternoon icing cookies and then we ate dinner and spent the evening playing games and watching the movie 'Elf'. On Christmas Eve we opened gifts prior to lunch because the kids just couldn't wait! Austin got some John Deere boots that Daddy really loved! He really acted like he knew what he was supposed to do when it came to opening his gifts. We then enjoyed a nice dinner with our ever-growing family and then played more games in the afternoon. I brought 2 Christmas quizzes and made the ENTIRE family play! Mom and Dad don't like to play games with us kids for some reason...maybe because we get really into the game and aren't very good losers. Poor Ross really needs to practice up on the game 'Spoons'. We finally have Brian a little more competitive so he doesn't walk away as stressed after the 1st game.

I believe that Kerri and Jenna have bragging rites this year for being the winner!!

Austin's cousin Jenna loves to take naps with him, but Ross...can't wait for him to get up and running!

Each year we take a picture of all of us. On the left is a picture from this year...and on the right was 2 years ago. Brandi was pregnant and Brian and I were fresh-off our honeymoon. Can't wait to see what next year brings! We know for sure we'll have another baby to add to the crew!

That evening we headed back to have Christmas Eve with the Kruger side. We were all very worn out by the time we arrived but had a great time with the family. Austin and Dalton seemed to really enjoy opening their gifts. Brian and I kept our tradition of going to the candle light service at our Church at 11pm. Austin slept through most of the service. We were all ready for bed when we finally got home!