Saturday, August 23, 2008

Day of the Dozer

While our husbands were in St. Louis on Chad's bachelor party, Tara and I took the boys to the 'Day of the Dozer'. It was so hot and humid that we opted out of standing in the long lines for the boys to ride the equipment! They really enjoyed watching though. Austin got really excited and the boys started clapping when the loader buckets were dumping the dirt. It was so cute! I think they could have stayed and watched for much longer!

Friday, August 22, 2008

Our Friday nights have changed...

Our Friday nights have really changed! We now go on Gator Rides. We went for a nice ride on Friday night. It's so peaceful in the middle of a field! We even saw a deer.

Austin sits very well in the passenger seat. I strap him in the seat belt and away we go! He sits so still! I'm secretly prepping him for the Fall so he'll ride for long stretches in the combine with Brian...and without Mommy!!

My Little Buddy

Checking the Corn

Thursday, August 21, 2008

What a scare...

One night I ran an errand around 9pm. I asked Brian to get Austin in the bath and I would finish putting him to bed when I got back. I returned to find this...

My heart sank at first! Somehow they fell asleep together on the floor!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Play Group

Austin and I have been invited to a Play Group that meets on Wednesdays. This week we went to Miller Park Zoo. It is a lot of fun! 2 of the little guys in the groups parents went to High School with Brian. If you notice in the first picture, Austin has a little Buddy!

Happy Birthday Ross!

Happy 8th Birthday to my very 1st nephew, Ross. This little buddy has to share his birthday with our wedding anniversary!

3 years ago today...

Happy Anniversary to my best friend, a wonderful Daddy and an amazing husband!

Monday, August 18, 2008

Happy Birthday Austin Shane!

I can't believe it's already been one year. Where does time go? His arrival was highly anticipated by many just one year ago. I remember Brian and I sitting and wondering what he would be (boy or girl), what he would look like, would he have hair, when he would arrive, and on and on. The night he was born we were so excited and thought he was absolutely perfect!! Now I sit here and he's a happy healthy one year old. This past year has flown by! The verdict is still out on who he resembles most. I think he's a good mix of both of us. But the best part is that he's Austin and he has an amazing little boy! He has a new trick daily. He definitely knows what a tractor is and is starting to talk a little. The past several days he's taking small series of steps. It's so cute. I could just watch him for hours doing it. He's also turned into a little mimic. He has quite the fake cough and can really push out a good chuckle when he hears someone else laughing. He loves giving kisses and is really enjoying table food. He has his 2 bottom teeth, which have appeared only recently and he's working on the top ones now. I'm also happy to say that he's sleeping in his own bed. It's official...he's the first to use his crib that was intended to be used by 3 kids prior to him. But he naps and sleeps at night in his crib. He's also sleeping all night! I've been too afraid to post much about his sleeping habits but we're going on about 3 weeks now. It's great! I forgot how amazing it is to sleep through the night...with only one other person in the bed. Our full size bed was definitely too full with Austin in there! But I do miss snuggling with him. Brian and I both love going to get him in the mornings and bringing him to our bed. Today is bittersweet...our little baby is quickly turning into a toddler. We'll miss the days when we could hold him tight in our arms for hours at a time but will hold tight to the memories we have and many, many pictures that Brian says his wife we'll enjoy someday. We also look forward to what is ahead in the next year and the joy that he brings us daily. We love you Austin Shane!

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Danver's Day

We went to the Danver's Day parade on Sunday afternoon. Austin loved watching the old tractors and holding on to the candy they were throwing!