Friday, October 10, 2008

More Pictures

I think I need to take him some place besides our house to take pictures.
Variety would be good!!

M2M Playdate @ Rader's Pumpkin Patch Farm

Today we had our 1st M2M playdate. We went to the Rader's Pumpkin Patch Farm. It was such a beautiful morning. I think everyone had a great time. I told the Mom's that were carrying their little babies to enjoy I was chasing Austin around everywhere all morning!! I'm so lucky to be a part of an amazing group of Mommy's!

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Why so many photos you ask...

I got an early birthday I've been snapping like crazy the last week trying to learn it. I'm in love with it!! Austin doesn't know what to think at times! He's getting pretty quick at getting away. The last image is pretty crazy. I guess I was at the right spot at the right time with my camera. It's not good quality, but I thought it was post-worthy.

Sneak Peek for the Sis...

There were too many good ones to choose from!! I knew you were anxious so here they are...

You are seriously glowing, Sis!!

I loved the childhood innocence in this one!

Ok, this last one...I tried something new...what do you think? It's different.

Sneak Peek for the 'Damo' Family...

This was such a fun family to photograph! They were up for anything I suggested!