Saturday, October 10, 2009

1st overnight guests!

We had our 1st over night guests this weekend. My oldest sister and family came late Saturday evening and stayed until Sunday afternoon. Since her children can't live without chocolate, I was sure to make a trip to the store to buy some chocolate treats to bake when they arrived. They ruined my son...he's been asking for 'chock-it' since their departure!!

My sister organized the toy room for me and got it looking sharp. I hadn't had a chance to get it organized or unpacked yet. Thanks Sis!

Nap time at the new house...2nd Attempt

The second attempt went MUCH better! He was out of his bed at first...but I went in and put him back in bed he cried for about 5 minutes but finally went to sleep...IN his bed! We are SO lucky with this little boy. He's been too easy!

Friday, October 9, 2009

Welcome to our HOME!

It's official...we've re-located...about a mile up the road! We are loving the new place and we're busy getting settled in!

Nap time at the new house...1st Attempt

Today is the day...we are officially in the new house! We decided to start with nap time instead of bedtime at the new place. Austin didn't like to stay in his bed, but he did stay in his bedroom. He crawled around on the floor and talked, but never tried to come out. As you can tell by the blinds, he wanted to check out what was going on outside. Eventually it got really quiet. I went to peek and he was fast asleep on his floor!

Tonight I was trying to clean the tub and Austin decided he wanted to help. He ended up taking a bath in the big tub. I was surprised, but he loved the jets.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Rader's Pumpkin Farm

Today seemed to be the one of few 'nice' days left. The sun was out and it was somewhat warm...(about 60) so we headed to Rader's Pumpkin Farm for the afternoon. We ran into many friends there so it was a great afternoon!
They have a scarecrow that you could see how tall you are.

There's so much more to do there this year. They have a tunnel in straw bales that Austin loved to climb through.

He's well-trained. The son of a photographer...what do you expect!?

Me and my baby boy! This is one of the few pictures of just Austin and me.

Little man was a little distracted when he heard the tractor coming. He just stared.

They have a little playhouse. Austin make me 'unch'. He liked to 'ook'.

We went to an Appreciation Dinner at the FS Elevator and Austin won a gift certificate to the Pumpkin Farm. So he was able to pick out lots of pumpkins and gourds. We are hoping the sun comes out again sometime soon and it stops raining so we can go back!

Monday, October 5, 2009

Going Farming

Today was Brian's 2nd day in the field...but 1st 'good' day. Austin was beyond excited to get in the tractor with his Daddy. He was so excited he could hardly stand still. He kept saying 'Dada...tractor' with the biggest smile on his face. He borrowed Papa's Gator and drove to Daddy in the field. He lasted for about 2 hours before it was time to go home for a bath and bedtime.

We drove up and Brian wasn't quite up to where we were so Austin watched in awe as Uncle Clint and Dalton drove by in the tractor and auger wagon.

On the way to Daddy...his short little legs couldn't get there quick enough!

He couldn't wait to wave 'bye-bye' and blow me kisses!

My Boys!