Saturday, September 29, 2012

Great day!

We are trying to take advantage of these nice days because I'm sure they won't last for too much longer!  Austin had his 2nd to last soccer game this morning.  He really enjoys it and has made many friends along the way too!

His 2 buddies!

Tonight we had Austin's Fall Festival at school.
The kids painted pumpkins, but there favorite part was the cake walk and hayrack ride!

Friday, September 28, 2012

One last time before we add a brother or sister

All of 9 months pregnant and determined to get some photos of the boys before life becomes way to busy with 3 kiddos!  I really couldn't have asked for better kiddos!  They were so cute and basically just interacted as I stood back and snapped photos.  I didn't even ask for this sweet kiss.  This did follow a tackle/roll around in the grass.  Then they were all sweet again!  BOYS!

Yep, these are our boys...this is what they do MOST of the time!


Austin was in the combine with Daddy all afternoon.  I made a deal with him that he could ride if he would be cooperative during a quick photo session this afternoon.

Everyone was busy today.
Mike was mowing!

38 Weeks