Sunday, November 25, 2007

Happy Tree Hunting

On Saturday Brian and I braved the frigid temperatures to find the perfect Christmas tree for Austin. We actually found it rather quickly and it really wasn't as cold as we thought it was! The past few years this feat has taken several hours. But this year I really didn't feel like walking too far. This might possibly be because of my broken toe! Brian and I were cleaning Friday night...I was actually moving furniture and doing a serious cleaning when Mr. Heeman decided to help me move the couch back into place and gave it one swift shove and it literally ran me over. I fell over backwards and ended up with a severe sprain or a broken toe. I'm not sure which. I just know it hurts like heck and is 3 shades of black and purple! But despite the mishap...our house is now decorated in and out for Christmas! Austin is mesmerized by all the lights! Can't wait for Santa!
Austin has really changed in the past few days. He is now making this motor boat sound with his tongue and mouth. It's so funny. He's also giggling out loud and has become very ticklish!! Our goal is to have him sitting up by Christmas. This is probably a long shot but we're working on it! When he knows I'm going to pick him up he's now lifting his head and shoulders up! Yeah for our growing little boy!