Saturday, January 5, 2008


Brian, Austin and I drove up to Midway on Friday to fly to Nebraska. We had a very snowy start and decided to leave a little earlier than we had first planned. So we arrived at the airport around 10:30am and got all checked in. Everything was running smoothly...after Brian finally found our parking spot. (Ask Brian about Emersus Maryus!!!) We were all lined up at about 12:15 getting ready to board the plane when all of a sudden an announcement came across that our flight was cancelled. WHAT???? So to make a long boring story short about us sitting in the airport all day until 6:45pm...we finally got on a plane and headed to Omaha. Once there everything was much better. We had a wonderful stay. We went to the ISU-Creighton game and once again Austin was their good luck charm! It was a fun game which Austin slept through most of.

We went shopping, bowling, out to eat and I even got to go to a movie!! Leslie and I went to the Mall where the shooting was in the Von Maur. Of course having a stroller...the elevator was the only option. Apparently the shooter took the elevator as well. It was very eerie in the store. When you got off the elevator, there was a cop that turned to look at you. I can't imagine being in that store the day the shooting happened. I did read in the paper while I was there that the 19 year old shooter (who ended up shooting himself) was not 'jacked up' on anything like the police had 1st suspected. He only had a prescription-amount of Valium in his system. They said this made the whole thing a little more chilling because typically people in these situations have to get 'jacked up' to do such a thing. They said the store surveillance showed him very calmly shooting everyone, like he was drugged up or something.

Austin had another 1st in Omaha. He ROLLED over!!! He was on his tummy and rolled to his back. I missed it of course so I flipped him back over and he rolled over several more times! He's growing up so quickly!!

Our flight home was much smoother! Austin did very well on his 1st plane ride. We are now looking forward to our trip to Florida in March.

Thanks Matt, Leslie, Daisy, Morgan and Bubba for a wonderful 1st trip to Omaha!