Saturday, June 14, 2008

Austin's 1st trip to the Lake!

Brian, Austin and I decided to go to the Ozarks for an extended weekend over Father's Day. Within an hour of our arrival Austin spotted the pool and wanted to get wet. It rained on Friday so we spent the morning in the condo and then headed to Osage to the Outlet Mall. It's amazing how you can be 300 miles from home and still run into people you know. We saw Aunt Jane at the mall. It's such a small world! It cleared up for Saturday and Sunday so we took the boat out. Austin fell asleep almost immediately. He took a great nap on the boat. On Sunday we celebrated Father's Day in Pittsfield. It was a great trip to the Lake! Austin really enjoyed the pool and boat ride!

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Austin in the bath

This is a kid with such a bad ear infection there's puss in his poor little ears! How was I supposed to know? This boy is tough as nails!! He loves putting his face in the water. Isn't he getting so good at shaking his head 'Yes'! That's my boy! ;)