Friday, August 29, 2008

Labor Day Weekend

We had another great trip to the Lake. We refer to it as our 'last hooray' before Harvest. We took the Kimball's with us. Austin and Kennedy are 4 months apart and played so well together. Kennedy was evening feeding Austin Cheerios for me! She's going to be a good help when her new baby arrives! We went boating and swam a lot. Jodi and I were even able to sneak away to the Outlet mall one day! My family came over on Saturday night to watch the Mizzou/Illinois game. It's always fun to have everyone together!

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Diener Day

The kids had a great time at the Boitnott's Wednesday night! It was fun to have the next generation of 'neighborhood kids' together!

Playdate at our House

This week we had play group at our house for those that could still make it. The kids had fun playing in the dirt and going for a Gator ride!

1 year Check-Up

Austin had his 1 year check-up last week. He's healthy and growing! He weighed in at 20lbs 12oz. (25%) and measured 30 inches (50%). He had to get a few shots and cried for the first time. I felt so bad for him!
Austin amazes us everyday! We now leaves his paci in his bed. He only gets it at nap and bedtime. I would stand at his crib and pull it out and toss it in the crib. After a few days he looked at me smiled and pulled it out himself and tossed it in the crib. It was so cute!
Oh yes and he pottied in the one night before bath I pulled his diaper off of him and sat him on the potty. He dribbled...that's pretty good for starters, right?!?
Then tonight I was bent over looking in the fridge (for those of you who know us well...there's not usually much to choose from) but Austin bent down beside me and looked in too.
Did I mention he loves talking on the cell phone...that is if no one is on the other end. He carries his real/play phone around and puts it up to his ear and jabbers as he walks around. Do you think he's seen this done before maybe?

Some of his favorites:
  1. milk
  2. Mommy's blankie
  3. terrorizing Moxie
  4. tractors
  5. climbing stairs
  6. Fruity Cheerios
  7. riding in the Gator
  8. Mommy and Daddy
  9. pretty much any food you give him
  10. Looking at books
  11. mowing the yard

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Happy Birthday!

Today is our Dad/father-in-law/Papa's Birthday! We hope that you have a wonderful day!