Saturday, August 22, 2009

Austin's Birthday Party

My friend Ryan took pictures at the party and made this awesome video for us! I love it so much! I can't stop watching it! We had an amazing evening with family and friends. We even had fireworks and smores to cap off the night. Thanks to everyone that was able to make it. Austin can't decide what to play with he has so many favorites!

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Happy Anniversary, My Love

We have had an amazing 4 years. We were told building a house is a true marriage test. I don't want to speak too soon but I think we're going to make it! :)

We're so blessed to have such a strong foundation of love and commitment to each other. He's my best friend, my biggest supporter and I would truly be lost without him! I'm so lucky!

It never happens...almost a picture of just hubby and I!

Happy Birthday Ross!

Happy 9th Birthday to my Nephew! We've had a great summer with him. He came to stay with us for a 4 nights/5 days this (at one time) and we all had a great time! I think he especially enjoyed when Uncle B showed him how to blow up a fish with a firecracker! I can't believe he's already 9! Time flies! I made No. 9 cookies in celebration!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Our New Deck!

Tonight while celebrating Austin's Birthday we took a break to enjoy our new back deck! We can't wait to get a table and chairs to chill on out back!

Great day for a Birthday

Austin woke up this morning to some balloons and a bulldozer. He LOVED it. I think this could have been his only gift and he would have been fulfilled! We had to take it in the car with us too!

Daddy came home for lunch with the 'real' birthday gift. It was so cute-he was standing on his tiptoes trying so hard to see it. We got it out and he immediately wanted it 'hooked-up' and away he went! He was thrilled!
Our Baby Boy is 2...I just can't believe it!
Papa helped him with his cupake. He had a wonderful birthday!

Our Baby is 2

Austin Shane is 2 years old today! He's a wonderful blessing to our family. I love the way he calls me 'Maaamaaaa'. It's really drawn out and so cute! He's such a happy little guy. It makes getting out of bed early in the mornings so much easier when I know he'll be so happy to see me with a huge smile on his face!

He mostly says Dada and Papa during the day though. He always wants to know what they are doing or where they are at. When we go by the Yuton elevator on our way into town he points and says, 'Papa'. Papa K is usually at the elevator when we go by in the mornings. Then when we get to the 4-way stop he points to the right and says, 'right, right Maaaamaaa'. He loves going to the Farm and cries when I go straight instead.

He's been such the little trooper this summer with the new house and all the errands that we have to run daily. We're so lucky he's so 'go with the flow' and doesn't seem to mind too much all the running around we've been doing. I'm afraid he'll be bored this winter when things calm down a bit. Plus I think he'll wonder why there aren't constantly people at the new house.

Austin Shane is so sweet and kind hearted. He loves all babies that he sees and doesn't mind sharing his toys most of the time with friends and cousins. He even lets others drive his Gator-which I think is pretty good for a 2 year old! He's a true little farm boy and would much rather be without a shirt and shoes but will wear his mud boots if he has to wear shoes outside. He's a great helper too! I've taught him to put soap in the dishwasher and how to start it. He's also getting good at loading the washer for me too! At the new house he goes around picking up trash and nails for us. I would really like it if time would just stop for awhile, let me enjoy this sweet and innocent age a little longer.

Austin's Favorite Activities:
driving his Gator around and around outside, going on rides in the big Gator, swimming, playing with his tractors and semi's, riding in the back hoe at the new house with Daddy, playing in the mud/dirt at the new house, playing with his cousins and friends, going to the pond, feeding the cats, going to the farm, playing outside in his green rubber boots that go up to his knees, playing catch, and chasing Moxie

Often Heard Phrases/Words:
"where at" for 'where's he/she/it at?'
"No Maaamaaa"
"osie"...he's really loving his baby cousin Josie these days
"Woss"...he talks a lot about his cousin Ross too.
"Boobie" He's been talking a lot about boobies this summer. One day when he was in the shopping cart he grabbed my boobs (one in each hand-had to paint the perfect picture here) and said Boobies? I acted like I didn't hear him or notice. BIG MISTAKE...he did it again and then thought it was so funny!!
"aussie" for Moxie
"aci" for paci that he only gets at bedtime

Favorite Foods/Snacks:
McDonald's cheeseburgers, bananas, toast with powder sugar, carnival corn dogs, sweetcorn, fruit snacks, cheese, mac and cheese, ice cream, mandarin oranges, suckers

Monday, August 17, 2009

Together Again

I think Austin is happy to have his Mommy & Daddy back together again after our weekend apart. We had sweet corn again tonight for supper. Austin absolutely loves it!
After supper he and Daddy played with the semi's. Austin wanted his picture taken with the semi's. Notice how they're all lined up. He does this a lot with all his trucks and tractors. He was pretty proud of himself!

Last evening for the almost 2 t-shirt! Tomorrow is the big day!

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Danver's Days

While I was away Austin and Daddy went to Danver's Days. They also worked really hard on taking the cattle lot down at our current house. When I got back we went to the parade. We were so excited and ready...but then the storm clouds rolled in. We actually saw rotation just above us. I've never seen that before...crazy!

But we waited and waited until the rains finally came. The parade never made it to us.

Then before bedtime Austin was doing the splits. The picture doesn't even do it justice. He was going all the way down as Brian was yelling in agony on the couch! It was pretty comical.

Girls Weekend

No babies and No hubbies...I/we MADE it! This was the first full weekend away from Austin since he was born. It took me 2 whole years before I was ready. I'm not sure that 'ready' is a good term either. It was very hard for me leading up to the trip. I went back and forth with the idea. I knew that he and Brian would be fine-it was just the 'what-if's' that I was constantly playing out in my head. But-I made the plunge. I got in the van with two of my girlfriends that I met last year in our Moms group and rode away. We went to Lake Geneva to Ryan's Aunt's weekend cottage. It was so cute! We went out to dinner Friday night at Gordy's.
It was a neat little restaurant right by the water.

Saturday morning we slept in a little and then were up and ready for the beach. I called to check on the boys and was a little worried when Brian answered and seemed rather flustered as Austin was screaming and crying in the background. Apparently they were arguing over a box of screws. Yikes! After I got rid of that lump in my throat we headed to the beach and took in the great views (multi-million dollar mansions WOW!!) and boats.

Then Brian's 2nd cousins (Thanks a Million John & Lu Anne!!) live in the area and after facebooking back and forth they found us and asked us to go out on their boat. We jumped at that idea. We learned a lot of the history and neat facts about the Lake and the mansions. I just can't bring myself to call them houses. It was unbelievable. The water was crystal clear. I later learned the water was so cold and clear because it's part of a spring.

After boating part of the afternoon we went back to the cottage and showered and headed for the city of Lake Geneva. We hit some really great shops and then ate at Gino's Pizza which overlooked the Lake.

We did a little more shopping then decided to take in a movie. We saw 'Time Traveler's Wife'. I wouldn't recommend it. I'm assuming the book is way better than the movie. Since 9pm was way too early to go home when you don't have kids we hit up a Super Target! It was a wonderful weekend and I'm so glad I took the plunge! I want to go back every year now!
Thanks for a great weekend girlies!!