Saturday, September 19, 2009

Great Day to be a Bridesmaid

My friend Rachel got married in Estes Park, Colorado and had the reception back home at a beautiful winery. The day was perfect! The other Rach and I went to get our hair done by Danielle our high school friend. The 3 of us were once inseperable! We had such good times back in the day! It was fun to get together again.

The bridesmaids headed to Perry and ate at Boonedocks-a restaurant owned by Rach (the bride's) aunt.

Waiting for pictures at the hunting lodge.

The winery where the reception took place!

My family!

Friday, September 18, 2009


Austin and I rode back with Rachel on Friday. We got to town in time to catch some Homecoming festivities. Dad and I took the boys to the parade. Austin had a lot of fun collecting the candy! Then we headed on up town for the Pep Rally. Kaity (whom I used to babysit) is this year's Homecoming Queen! So exciting!!

Austin loved collecting the candy!

Austin was busy digging through his loot and eating as much candy as he could before I took it away! He was in heaven!

Friday night we went to the football game. It was Austin's first. I think he really enjoyed it! This is Johnny...the 'little' boy (#76) I used to babysit! Wow how time flies!
We had such a great day!

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Kenny was in Town!!

I was so excited for the Kenny concert!! Rach and I have been to many Kenny concerts and couldn't pass this one up. Our seats were amazing!! When he first came out he was in a chair attached to cables and went right over our heads. We could have touched him if we stood in our chair. It was crazy!! Bridget, Rach and I had a great time!!

I know it's blurry...but people, seriously..I was shaking to death at this point! I just wanted him to see ME!

Kenny brought his song 'Me and You' out of retirement for ME...I just know it. This was Brian and I's '1st dance song' at our wedding!