Saturday, October 31, 2009

Wedding Day

Austin woke up and went straight for Granny's candy basket.

My cousin Brooke got married today. It was so beautiful out!
It was a beautiful wedding and a fun reception.

My Family of 3

After the wedding we traveled to 'J' ville for the reception. Austin was busy texting on the way...

Austin loved being on the dance floor...

...with his Aunt Kerri by his side!

My Family!

These are Austin's twin 2nd cousins. He's so in love with babies right now. He kept going back over to check on them.


Friday, October 30, 2009

Trick or Treating on the Square

Friday morning Dad and I took the 3 older boys uptown to trick or treat at the local businesses. We dodged raindrops but Austin really got into trick or treating!

Austin, Joseph and Justin (Austin's Cousin)

Joseph and Justin are in a playgroup or 'school' so this is the rest of their class.

Austin would walk right up with his bag open.

Hmm...wonder why Austin has 'choc-it' withdrawals for the next week...who could the culprit be????

Aunt Kerri it is!

Austin and his cousin 'baby Josie'. He LOVES baby Josie. If we see another baby, hear another baby or see baby clothes he always smiles and says 'baby Josie'.

Austin and his other cousin, Jenna the 'deer-oose' or something like that. She had a deer call but moose antlers.

We took the kids around Mom's neighborhood in the chilly weather. Austin had fun when poor Ross wasn't following him. He wasn't too fond of his scary alien outfit. We hit up a few houses then went back to hand out candy. Austin liked this much better-that is until someone scary came to the door! We had such a fun evening together!

Thursday, October 29, 2009

One of our many stops!

Since we have a family wedding on Halloween we had to start our trick-or treating early this year. We went to Aunt Jane's, Aunt Mary's and then to Great-Papa K's. He was out feeding the birds so Austin went to check them out. He was so excited to be out with the birds.

Later that evening, Austin and I were supposed to drive to my parents. But as the time grew closer, it was raining and I had a bad headache. I thought last minute to check Amtrak prices...sure glad I did!! Austin and I rode the train for only $12 total!! I thought it was a real steal. Austin and I were able to experience the train and Dad picked us up. Austin was in awe. He absolutely loved it. His eyes literally sparkled the entire trip. It was dark out so we couldn't see much but he kept getting so excited when the train blew its whistle. Then he would say 'umpy' for bumpy. When we got to Springfield it was pouring!! I was lugging our huge suitcase and Austin off the train and Dad saw us so grabbed Austin. I'm pretty sure Austin didn't even notice the rain he was busy checking everything out and telling Papa about the train. It's something we'll have to do again for sure. Maybe next time we'll go for a day trip so we can see outside.

Monday, October 26, 2009

Happy Halloween!

We are celebrating Halloween ALL week! We have a wedding this weekend (on Halloween) and 1 night is just not enough for his costume. I love his cheeks! I kiss them every chance I get!

I have to fill you in on this one. The guys are farming across from our house. I had Austin on the front porch trying to get a few good pictures. I was trying to teach him how to ROAR like a lion...he was playing along pretty good but wouldn't take his eyes off 'dada's tombine'. I laugh every time I look at this one!