Saturday, November 28, 2009


We've come far from making it to all the games but Austin and I have made it to a few. Daddy is still busy farming so hasn't been able to go with us yet. Austin and Dalton have such fun sitting with Papa Bob and Nana. If they're good (or I'm sure regardless) they get Dippin' Dots at half-time. I'm sure the boys won't let Nana and Papa Bob forget this!

Friday, November 27, 2009

Something new-but hopefully not a tradition

Of course when I decide to take a 'napping' picture he doesn't wake up when I need him to when I'm done!
How peaceful!

Since Brian is busy farming Austin and I had to get our tree without him this year. It was fun going with another Farm family-but hopefully Brian can go with us next year. With Brian we actually go out and cut our tree down. This year we went to town and picked our real one out-it was already cut down.

My friend Bridget even drove the farm truck to town and hauled about 4 trees home in it!
The delivery of our tree!

We celebrated with Pizza and the boys played. Thanks Bridget!