Friday, December 25, 2009

Christmas Morning

Santa found our new house this year and was VERY good!
Because of all the festivities and late night Austin didn't wake up until 9:30. Brian and I went ahead and exchanged our Christmas because we were tired of waiting. Austin finally started stirring so I went to get him. He was so excited to see what Santa had he's a fan of Santa! He went from present to present with such excitement. He kept saying 'yeehaw' when he opened a new gift that he liked. We have never heard him say this before so it was really funny each time.

Later this afternoon we went to Aunt Jane and Uncle Dave's to have another Christmas celebration. We had a wonderful Christmas and are so blessed with great family!

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Christmas Eve

Every year we spend Christmas Eve with my family. Our families keep growing! I'm thinking Mom and Dad need to add on. It's cozy but we all have a great time together! My Dad sets up his train (from his childhood) every year. The kids love watching it go around the Christmas tree.

A lap-full. Austin loves 'baby Josie' so much!

Austin and Justin taking their front row seats watching TV. Mom lets them lay on the table!

The kids found some tattoos and were busy putting them on each other. Austin is showing off his basketball.

He was so excited next to his pile of presents! He must have been a good boy this year!

Trying so hard to get some pictures before church and Austin just wasn't going for it.

The 'W' grandkids!

We went to the 8pm church service at the Church I grew up in. The service lasted a little long this year so we didn't get on the road until close to 10pm. Austin actually stayed awake 90% of the way home but luckily didn't wake up as we put him in his bed. Good thing because Brian and I had lots to do before morning!
Brian and I turned up the Christmas music, turned the Christmas lights on and really enjoyed the peace and excitement of the moment!

Merry Christmas to all and to all a Good night!

Monday, December 21, 2009

The day after...

The day after our Christmas celebration Austin spent most of his time in the kitchen. He got a coffee pot that you really pour water into the back, put the pot back in its spot, press a button and it the water runs into the pot while making real coffee sounds...just like Daddy's. So he would fill the coffee pot, dump that water into a bowl and get the hand mixer (that really works) and mix the water. He went on forever and had so much fun!

Then of course he had to try out his new shovel. So outside he went to shovel!

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Christmas at Nana & Papa's

We celebrated the weekend before Christmas with Brian's side of the family. The kids were so excited to open their gifts. It was nice to spend some time with the family since we celebrate with the other side on Christmas Eve and miss Aunt Marion every year! We had a good meal and a wonderful Christmas!

Austin really got into opening his gifts.

We gave Bob and Deb an aerial shot of the farm from the 50's. Bob is showing Gordon the old house and barns.

Aunt Marion and GG with the boys!

The little boys in their Santa PJ's!


Ok, so we were trying to get a picture of Josie in her winter coat. The boys were trying to help. Of course when they aren't dressed appropriately ('s almost Christmas-who puts their kid in Thanksgiving jammies?!) and JJ without pants on they want their picture taken too. I was laughing while taking this because of the chaos that was breaking out. We had 3 adults behind me barking orders and the 2 boys trying to get close to Josie. Poor Josie! These boys better watch out when she gets bigger...I think they have it coming!