Saturday, February 13, 2010


Today was a little tricky! The girls went shopping in the morning and got back just in time to hop back in the car and head to the game. So my only chance was on our BUMPY ride home!


ISU played Creighton today! It was a very exciting game. The game started right at 2, during nap time, but Austin was a trooper.

Nana and Papa Bob get the boys Dippin' Dots at half-time every game. Austin didn't let us forget. I even tried to tell him they didn't sell them there but he found the stand anyway!

Austin fell asleep with only a few minutes left in the game. It was so loud because it was a close game. He was so out that we even passed him back and forth, put his coat on and walked to the car before he even cracked an eye.

I'll go with 'we bring ISU good luck at Creighton'. We were out there 2 years ago and we won then too!

Later that night after Mexican we played the Wii. Austin was really getting into it.

Friday, February 12, 2010

Off to the Omaha Children's Museum

We took Austin to the Omaha Children's Museum to play. He had such a great time. He ran from one thing to the next checking it all out.

His favorite was a huge box of gravel that he got to play in. I had to carry him away from it so we could go!

Austin was busy watching the puppet show that Matt was putting on!

After naps we headed to Texas Roadhouse to meet up with the other couple that was with Matt and Leslie in Jamaica. We hadn't seen Steve and Nicole since Jamaica (4 1/2 years ago) so it was so great to catch up with them! Matt and Leslie are expecting and at their last appointment had the sonogram technician put in a Valentine's card what they would be having. They were going to wait until Valentine's Day to open it but the peer pressure got the best of them at dinner and they opened it! It was such an exciting moment!! They will be welcoming a little BOY into the world in June!! We couldn't be more happier and excited for them. You don't know what it's like until you experience it but having a little boy is absolutely amazing!

After dinner the guys got us a DQ ice cream cake to celebrate.
Like the message?? Thanks Matt!

3 Preggos
Nicole is DUE, Leslie in June and me in August!


Thursday, February 11, 2010

On the road...

Today we headed toward Nebraska to visit some friends that Brian and I met on our honeymoon in Jamaica about 5 years ago. We've remained in contact and see each other a couple times a year. We decided to drive this time because 2 years ago we flew out and had a 10 hour layover in Chicago. So we figured we would see the sites and drive this time. It was an easy trip out. Austin was amazing! He slept only about 45 minutes of the entire 7 hour trip. It was fun to see what you miss when you fly. I haven't gone on a long road trip like this in a long day. I'd much rather fly most of the time!

When we were minutes from being there he really wanted some attention and to be out of his seat. So I had to hold his foot. I couldn't reach to hold his hand so he wanted me to hold his foot instead.


Leslie and I went to see Tim McGraw that night. He was amazing!! He's such a great singer and performer! The only turn-off was that he had a full beard. It was hard to look past that but still...come on Tim...shave it off already! :)


Today we traveled to Nebraska. It was about a 7 hour trip. My creative options were limited!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

His Celebrity Status is Growing!

Brian was in the paper months ago for the rough harvest. He was out plowing snow and he and another guy stopped at Cracker Barrel for some coffee. I guess there's a regular in there that works at the Pantagraph (maybe?) and he has this made for Brian. It's the newspaper article imprinted on a piece of metal! What a thoughtful gift from someone he barely knows!


Tuesday, February 9, 2010


Valentine Cookie Day

Today we made Valentine cookies for the little guys to decorate. As Tara and I baked, the boys were entertained by our good neighbor, Sara! Thank heaven for snow days every once in awhile!

Monday, February 8, 2010

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Church & Brunch

We were all able to go to Church together and then went back to Grandma & Grandpa's for brunch!
The entire bunch!

My middle sister & oldest niece Jenna

3 Sisters!

3 Sisters and youngest niece, Josie

Austin was asleep before we even got out of town!

We had an amazing weekend with the entire family!