Saturday, April 7, 2012

Josie turns 3

We got to Pittsfield in the late afternoon.  The boys were out hunting mushrooms for dinner.  Austin and Brian went across the road from my sisters and found 2!  Austin was pretty proud of himself!  I guess the other boys missed these!  It was so nice to be back and enjoying some mushrooms!  They were delicious!

Sisters....I would say we did something right.  All 3 boys were in the kitchen frying up our mushrooms.

Of course Aunt Kerri likes to see how much sugar she can feed my kids!  Mason loves candy, sweets and peeps!

We were able to squeeze in Josie's 3rd birthday party too since we were all together!

The boys were not so enthused with all her girly gifts.

What a long day!  We went back to Mom's and put the boys to bed.  Because 'Mom does it better' she made my deviled eggs for lunch the next day.  I dyed them (another idea from Pinterest) and she filled them.

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Coloring Eggs

We have a baby shower on Saturday morning so won't be able to dye Easter eggs with the rest of the cousins this year so we opted for tonight instead.  Austin had a lot of fun with it.

Mason wasn't really sure what we were doing but he was glad to be in on the action, regardless!

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Happy Easter

The Friday and Saturday before vacation were spent doing over 30 Bunny Easter Sessions.  I typically only do these with my own boys but I had so many people asking for them.  It was a ton of work, little sleep, but we got it done before our vacation started. 

Mason loved the bunny, so much he cried when it left.

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Spring is Here

It's been warm back at home too.  I think we missed much of Spring while we were away!  The grass is so green and our trees are budding!

Of course we have barely seen Brian since we've been home.  We stopped by the farm tonight because Austin was pretty weepy all day, missing Daddy.

Since this week Austin is off of school, I've been trying to think of fun things to do.  Tonight we made Flubber.  It was really easy and the boys both love it.  If you decide to make this...please let me give you the Borax.  I have a big box of the stuff!

A great end to a great weekend!

We've had a wonderful weekend! On Saturday my friend and her boys invited Austin and I to go to see The Lorax. Her work at rented out the theatre and we got special deals on snacks. The boys had a great time and the movie was cute too! We headed home at lunch and put the boys down for a nap. My Mom and I started in on a Pinterest project. We made papeir-mache egg.  The post noted that it would take awhile but I underestimated that!  We worked until Sunday afternoon completing them.  They were super adorable though!  We made them for our family for Easter.  So we ended up making over 30 of them!  Mom left on Sunday afternoon and when the boys got up they were excited to still have Papa here.  He's been here since Friday 'farming'.  It rained last night so he got the day off today.  We all played for a bit outside before grilling out.

Nice outfit, huh?