Thursday, April 12, 2012

Spring Planting started (yesterday)

Brian likes to get some of the kinks worked out before he has any riders. So this morning Austin couldn't wait to get in the tractor.  It's heart-breaking leaving the field with Mason pulling at his seat belt and crying Da-da-da-da and pointing. 

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Is she...or isn't she?

So apparently there has been some talk going around about me.  We have been waiting until we are 12 weeks and when our family has been all together to tell.  We had to wait until Easter.  It was so hard to not spill the beans the past 8 weeks.  We've known for quite some time.  I had a 100 different ways that we should tell our families.  We finally decided to go with the paper mache eggs.  I found a paper mache egg tutorial on Pinterest and thought it would be fun to make one for everyone.  We put candy inside along with a piece of paper that simply stated, '10.12.12'.  On Saturday night we took the boys to the basement of my sisters house (the only spot without listening ears-although my Dad came down in the middle of it).  We had Austin open his egg.  Of course he was excited about the candy.  We put a sonogram picture in his.  He smiled great big but claimed to not know what it was.  We told him that he was going to be a big brother, again!  He was very shy about it but did say that he wants a sister this time.  So we told him it was our secret and that we needed help passing out all the other eggs to our family.  He loves to help so he got busy telling everyone they had to open them at the same time and made sure everyone had their eggs.  We even made a little tab that said 'Pull Me'.  We all counted to 3 and everyone ripped them open.  The kids of course threw the paper aside and went for the candy.  My sisters and cousin stared at their paper for a second and then my oldest sister screamed it out.  After all the hugs they wanted to know how far along that made me.  13 weeks...Kerri couldn't believe that I had kept it from her.  We talk every night on FaceTime!  My sister Brandi said she was suspicious as well!

So with a little Harvest baby on the way we are going to be very busy!  Everything has gone pretty smoothly so far.  I felt nauseous the entire time we were in Florida.  The smell of fish made me gag, which is no fun when you stay on the beach and plan to eat seafood the entire time.  I did end up losing 2lbs that trip.  This could be partly because I survived on cereal and Peanut Butter and Jelly sandwiches.  Sweets didn't even tempt me!  I kept my cover-up on as much as possible.  I pretended to drink wine with the girls to keep their suspicions at bay.  Apparently it didn't work with Tara, my sister in law.  She had it all figured out.  As did our friends Larry and Melissa.  I saw Melissa one time...from a distance but she saw me doing my hair from the side and noticed right away.  This 3rd bump has popped a lot quicker!  So we teased Larry after we had told our family about thinking that I was fat in Florida.

We told the Kruger side on Easter day.  We got to the farm first so we could tell Bob and Deb.  We gave them their eggs.  Bob looked at the paper and kind of laughed and Deb went right on talking to the boys.  Brian finally had to probe a bit.  Bob said he suspected but didn't want to say it if it wasn't the case.  Deb said that Tara had dropped the bug in her ear in Florida.  She said Tara had asked her when I was due.  She said this caught her off guard completely.  Then when she started to think back about my 2 weeks in Florida with them she began to wonder too.  GG arrived next and she opened her egg and was very excited for us.  Clint and Tara and the boys came within a few minutes so Austin gave them their eggs.  Tara said she was about to announce to us if we didn't hurry up and announce it!  She said she knew I was not drinking in Florida and that I was acting different.  Clint then told us that Larry had asked if I as pregnant too.  He said that was the last thing he was going to ask his sister in law in case it wasn't the case!

Uncle Dave, Aunt Jane, Denise and Andrew arrived.  We didn't have enough eggs left so when it was time to eat we put out our pink and blue deviled eggs.  They admired them and Deb said...oh pink or blue..hmmmm.  Jane and Denise looked up at me and Denise started laughing.  So we shared our news with them!

My goal (if it's even possible) is to NOT have a 10lb baby!  I've been working out since before I even knew and plan to continue.  I'm also training for my first 5K for Baby Charlotte.  The doctor thinks it's great that I'm working out and staying active.

Monday, April 9, 2012

Papa Gary time

Papa Gary has been getting home before the boys go down for bed.  They all watch TV together for a little bit.

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Happy Easter!

We rose early and headed to Aunt Brandi's for the Easter egg hunt.  We had to wake Mason up to go this morning.  He wasn't overly thrilled.

He collected a few eggs.

He wasn't a real big fan of the cold wet grass though.

Austin was a great egg hunter this year!

It didn't take long until Mason was over it.  His poor nose won't stop running, it's cold and the grass is wet.

Austin got a little help by Jenna to reach the eggs in the tree.

2 very strange in a photo and me with my beautiful pre-Church hair!  YIKES!

The boys didn't have time to see what the Easter bunny brought so we tossed a blanket over it until we could get back.

Austin and Mason loved checking out their baskets.

Mason was more into the candy then anything else.

Austin with candy in his mouth during our picture after Church!

Both boys woke up Saturday morning with yucky noses and coughs.  Mason was beyond worn out at this point. 

Mom prepared an amazing meal.  We got the kids started first and they loved the jello eggs!

Grandma Wilder doesn't need Pinterest.  She's been making these bunny cakes for years.  She hadn't made one in a long time and I told her last year that I missed her Easter Bunny cakes.  So...she got busy this Easter and made one for dessert!

After lunch we went back outside to enjoy the beautiful day.
Josie LOVES Mason.  She talks about his all the time. 

The boys played basketball at the neighbors since we had so many cars in the driveway.

We were getting ready to leave and Brian told Austin to try and go potty...meaning inside the house.  Austin whipped it parents live in town.  I guess we need to teach him about peeing in the 'country' vs. 'in town'.

We made the 2 hour trip back (the boys and I slept the entire way :) ) to celebrate with the Kruger side.  The boys played basketball for a little bit.


GG opened her papier-mache egg...
Then Papa Bob explained where the boundaries were for the Easter egg hunt.

Denise and Andrew are in town so we got a picture of the 6 Kruger boys!

We headed back inside and the boys enjoyed their dinner in egg cartons.  They thought this was pretty cool!

Our deviled eggs and Denise's cute chick ones!

GG got the boys little Easter bags and they enjoyed opening them!

We had a wonderful, tiring, chaotic, emotional Easter weekend and wouldn't have wanted it any other way!