Saturday, May 12, 2012

5K for Baby Charlotte

Pretty sure I barely slept last night!  We were all up by 6am getting ready for the race.
It was really cold out but at least it wasn't raining...yet!

We headed down to the start of the race and picked up our packets.
We all wore fuchsia and Brooke's sister made really cute hair bows for us!

With this being my 1st 5K I really had no idea what to expect. 

I decided to stay with Taylor (Brooke's sister) as she had never ran a 5K before either.

We pushed each other to the finish!
We didn't walk and ran the whole thing!
It started raining just after we got started.  Luckily the wind was not blowing in Chicago that day by the Lake.  I didn't notice how freezing it was until we were all finished. 
I took this picture with my phone/ipod/run meter.
Later, I was told that I wasn't running fast or hard enough if I was able to take a photo.  :)

After the race all soggy and cold!

I decided to run this race even before I knew I was pregnant so had been training since the beginning of January.  I checked with my doctor and she thought it would be just fine for me to run as long as I was feeling ok.  I'm so happy that I was able to cross that finish line for Baby Charlotte!

Friday, May 11, 2012

Fieldtrip to the Zoo

Austin's class headed to the Zoo today. 
Here are a few of his buddies from school.

Austin loves to run his fingers through Mason's hair!

Always, on the run!

We all went to the park afterwards and had a picnic.  Austin was too busy playing tag with Rylan to pause for a picture!

Brian finished up at noon today, perfect timing!  I had a sitter lined up, backup for the sitter and backup for the backup!  I wanted to make sure the kids were well taken care of!  I ended up needing none of them because Brian was home!  I headed to Chicago with some girls for Charlotte's run!  I'm so nervous I'm sick!!  I did make some cake pops for the way up!  My goal is to finish the 5K without walking!  

We got there late and checked into our hotel and walked down the street to fill up on carbs!
The food was great!

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Bloom: Finding Beauty in the Unexpected

I have the blog Enjoying the Small Things linked on the side of my blog.  I've been following this blog for over a year.  I love the way Kelle writes, photographs and talks about her 2 little girls.  I feel like I truly know her...crazy how blogs can start to make you feel that way!  Kelle didn't know before giving birth but she delivered a baby girl with Down Syndrome.  Although I don't know anyone personally with Downs, I felt connected to her.  I love how she put her true feelings out there for everyone to read.  She wrote a book called Bloom and offered to do a Skype Session with any book club that ordered 10 copies of her book.  10 girlfriends got together for treats, drinks and a Skype session with Kelle.  There were many tears shed but it was a wonderful experience!  We even got to see her girls at the end!  It was awesome to see how each of us had a different story and come from very different situations but we are all a Mom team, a net when it comes down to it.  I hope that you read this book!  It's so good!

I just had to make some themed treats!  We had flower sugar cookies and Dirt Cake!  
Happy Bloom!

Here's the trailer for the Book!


Naps in tractors, must be best

Austin wanted to ride with Daddy again today.  We made lunch and he got to stay and ride.

When I pulled away I glanced back towards the field and saw Austin with his pants down!
I told him before we left home to make sure his tank was empty so Daddy wouldn't have to stop a bunch of times for him to potty.  I guess he was nervous!

Austin took a 2 hour nap in the tractor today!  He hasn't slept that long in AGES for me here at home!

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

On the go!

We have been on the go since our feet hit the floor this morning.  Austin was off to school, Mason and I to workout, then to the store.  Mason loves to help me in the kitchen so we started in on our goodies for tomorrow and the weekend.  We made lunch for Austin and Daddy and headed to pick Austin up.  Austin has been trying really hard to give up his nap.  I've been fighting back.  I really need this quiet time in the afternoons.  He's almost 5 so I know I'm pushing it with him.  So today he got to farm with Daddy all afternoon.  He was so excited last night he could hardly get to sleep.  He ended up riding from 11:45 until 5:30!  This is his new record.  

Brian sent me this picture at 2pm today.
He said 'My farmin buddy'
I think since he won't nap for me he needs to go with Daddy everyday!!

Austin ran for Mason.  He said I missed you so much Mason.  It was really sweet.

I heard I've been neglecting on photos on my own boys to update some walls as the grandparents so we did a quick session...the boys actually cooperated!  Mason was full of smiles!

Austin actually wanted his picture taken today.  He kept coming up with different poses!

I guess with 2 boys I should just realize I will probably never get a "perfect" picture of the 2 of them together.  One is always looking away or making a silly face!

Brotherly Love..

STOP right there!  haha

NOW to go finish my book for tomorrow night's Skype session with the Author, SO EXCITED!!

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Heaven Is Here by Stephanie Nielson

These blogs I follow keep producing books.  I can't stop reading them!  This is another great book!!  This mother of 4 was in a plane accident with her husband.  Over 80% of her body was burned and her husband 30%.  She beat the odds and survived after 3 months in a coma.  They even just had their 5th baby!  When her children came to see her they were scared of her and didn't recognize her.  It's a very emotional read but really good!
This blog is linked on the side of my blog too:

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Another eventful day!

I had more photo sessions this morning so took the kids to Mom's house to play for a little bit.  Aunt B stopped by after Church and was determined to teach Austin to ride his bike with no training wheels.  He was pretty close last summer but we don't have the best learning conditions at our house.  What a good Aunt...running in the heat and humidity.  Austin did fantastic!
We had so much fun at Aunt B's this weekend that we might have to start flipping a coin to get our bid in at staying their more often!  The kids had a blast with their cousins!

We left by noon and headed to our friend, Julia's 6th Birthday party!  It was at a horse stable.  The boys had a blast!

Mason showing me the cowboy hat is very versatile!

Austin couldn't wait until it was his turn.  He was taking it all in!

They put Austin on his horse and forgot to lead it.  He didn't seem to notice and neither did the horse!

The look on Austin's face was priceless.  He absolutely loved it!

They even got to feed the horses a snack.

Mr. Cautious wouldn't get on the horse!

When we first arrived they each made their own stick pony.
At the end they had stick pony races.  It was so cute!

We got home and washed the stink off of us and headed to the farm to celebrate Nana's 61st birthday.