Saturday, August 4, 2012

Finally, it's Show Day!

It's the 4-H Pee Wee Showmanship Day!
Austin has been anticipating this day for awhile now.
He's so excited to get out there like the big kids and show a pig.

The boys and their Fair/Show shirts.

Dalton and Austin are taking it pretty serious.  
I believe they were talking about showing.

I was getting a picture of my 2 boys and Rowen popped in.  He and Mason were having quite the conversation.  They crack each other up often, it's so cute.

 This one is my favorite.  Youngest to Oldest.
21 months to 6 years

Austin and Sara are taking the pig to the show ring.

I guess there is a strategy when showing a pig.  You want to keep your pig in front of the judge and always smile at the judge.  I'm thinking with the male judges...girls might have a little advantage!  haha

Mason was sitting with Nana and Papa Bob cheering Austin on.

Austin did a great job and had fun too!

Friday, August 3, 2012

30 Weeks

We've had this planned for a long time!  I'm so happy the weather cooperated and it worked out!
Here are just a few of our many favorites!

TEAM BLUE or TEAM PINK...which will it be?

Another Day at the Fair

How could we possibly consider NOT going to the fair?
If it weren't for the kids, sights and FAIR FOOD...this Mama would probably be able to skip the fair all together.  If it were about 15 degrees cooler, it would be a different story.
This heat makes me crabby.  I honestly feel like I'm carrying around a furnace! 
So, today...I took one for the team.  :)

We just had to get our face painted again!

Mason absolutely loves the animals.

Austin had to milk the cow to prove to me it wasn't really milk!

Rowen, Austin and Mason keep close tabs on the baby pigs.
If they hadn't been in the pig barn and already smelled like pigs and been completely dirty I met have been upset about them laying on the floor....

Today we promised the boys they could ride some rides.
Dalton and Austin were good riding buddies.

Brian took Mason down the slide.  He loved it...regardless of his facial expression, he did want to do it again.  I remember Brian riding with Austin several years ago.

By the look on Austin's face once the ride reached the top and really started going I thought for sure he was going to lose his cookies!!  He ended up liking it and they rode again!

Mason got in to riding the rides too.
I was a little nervous he would try to bail out but he did a good job.

He liked this one too...but really takes it serious!  haha

Austin can't seem to do anything the simple way.  He has to run as fast as he can and try to go down head first.  This one cracks me up!

Mason did not want to get off the Carousel.  Brian ended up having to pry his hands off the pole while he was screaming as loud as he could.

We headed back to the pig barn to help walk the pigs in preparation of the Pig Show tomorrow.
I can't believe this little guy is going to be 5!

And this little squirt will be 2!  Where does time go?

Bryan Fuller, Austin and Mason walking a pig.

Mr. Cool riding the horse!