Saturday, August 11, 2012

Mason's Birthday Gift

We finally took Mason to the farm today to get his birthday present!  
Austin unveiling..

He thought it was really neat but will not make it go himself...

Friday, August 10, 2012

31 Weeks

Today You are 2!

Today you are Two.
Two is full of innocence, snuggles and a whole new language.
  Two is silly and sweet.
Two means inquisitive, attitude and following your brother around are part of the every day.
But Two is never shy of a pouty lip.
You are amazing, dear Two.
What a fun year this will be.
Happy birthday to my adorable two year old, Mason James.

Oh Mason James, you are such a character.  You are finally starting to come around to the camera pointed in your direction!  You are quite opinionated and like to be convinced something is a good idea instead of being pushed into it.  You love Daddy, Mommy & Austin unconditionally.  This is evident by all the hugs, kisses and snuggles.  When you are really trying to tell one of us something your grab our face with both hands to make sure we are looking your right in the eye.  

You love to follow your big brother around and do what he does.  You love sitting and looking at books and watching 'toons'.  Your favorites are anything on Nick Jr. or Disney Jr.  Most days if we let you wake up slowly in your crib you wake up a happy camper.  You strongly dislike having your diaper changed first thing.  You love to have your vitamin and milk right when you get out of your crib and then want to watch cartoons.  You absolutely love it if someone will sit with you on the couch to watch too.  For breakfast you like to have pancakes or waffles.  As soon as you get down you can't wait to go 'brush teeth'.  Then you are somewhat willing to get your diaper changed and clothes on.  

You always want to watch a 'show' in the car and we're still trying to teach you that 'shows' are for long rides only.  You also enjoy snacks, pretty much of any kind.  

You also love swimming lessons.  You love to blow bubbles and jump in!

Here are his invites!

Today Mason is 2

Daddy and Austin left bright and early this morning for the State Fair and Mason slept in until close to 8am.
He woke up wondering why I was taking pictures of him.
I put away the camera and he was instantly much happier!

Aunt Kerri FaceTimed us first thing this morning.
We snuggled in bed for a little bit too!

Mason loved his RED balloons!
We ended up having to take 1 to town with us too.

We got ready and headed to Krispie Kreme.
His favorite part was the chocolate milk!

Mason and I then headed to Barnes and Noble.  Mason LOVES looking at books.  We could have stayed there for hours!

He's been talking about riding rides since the fair so I took him to the only place I could think of that had a ride...Meijer.  I'm pretty sure the best part of his day was the free horse at Meijer.  He smiled and laughed the entire time!

We got home and checked the mail.  He had cards and stickers from several family members.  While I was making lunch he entertained himself by sticking them on himself (note: sock) and the chair.

For lunch he had one of his favorites, PB&J.  He loves to stack his sandwiches!

While he was napping I finished up his red velvet cake.  When Daddy and Austin got back we sang him Happy Birthday.

He was so embarrassed!

Then he got to open some gifts.

We had a quick supper of his other favorite, hot dogs, and then headed down to our friends surprise 30th birthday party.

Mason got some new 'John Deere' shoes.

It was way past the boys bedtime when we got home and we always have Mason sit on his potty before bath.  I think it shocked him as much as the rest of us that he actually peed.  It kind of freaked him out.  We clapped and cheered and Austin of course didn't forget that he got a tractor when he peed in the potty.  So good thing I had one set aside for this occasion!  He now calls this is 'Pee in the Potty Tractor'. 

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Mason's Pre-Birthday Celebration

Each year on the boys actual birthday we try to do something fun and special as a family of 4.
Last year we went to the Peoria Zoo. 
This year we hit up Monkey Joe's and the Bass Pro Shop.
Mason loves going for rides in Daddy's truck so we took his truck to Peoria.

This was our very first adventure to Monkey Joe's.
We got there right when it opened.

Mason listening carefully to the rules and getting his wrist band.

The have a lot of bounce houses setup inside.  It's super clean and the kids had a blast!

We left there and stopped by the Children's hospital to get Mason's picture by the sign.
So glad this is a Chapter of his life that has been closed!  You would never even know he needed a few days in the NICU two years ago!

We went to the Bass Pro shop.  I believe this was Mason's favorite part of the day.  He loved looking at the fish!

The kids are apart of the Birthday Club so they enjoyed their Birthday Meals at Uncle Buck's in the Bass Pro Shop.
These next 3 pictures crack me up.
They are brothers, they love each other so much but also spat, on occasion.

We had so much fun celebrating Mason today.  Tomorrow on his actual birthday Brian and Austin are going to the State Fair so Mommy and Mason have some fun things planned!

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Photos & Bribes

With a few bribes tucked away 'just in case' we met up with some good friends in a beautiful field to have some photo fun!
Ok, maybe not as much fun for the kids as it was for the Mama and I, but still...
I seriously can't believe this guy will be 5!  I keep saying it but it seems surreal!

Brothers having fun and not doing exactly what I had in mind for a photo...but they are mine, this is what they do and they are super cute doing it!

I can't believe I'm posting any of these!
I just have to show you how my life is at the moment.

The first photo...thoughts going through my head...please boys, just 1 photo for Mama!
Mason just wanted to be held, what a squirt!  Austin just wanted Mason to cooperate so he could go play!

We followed up at our favorite candy shop!