Saturday, August 18, 2012

Austin is 5 Today!

By 8am Austin declared that this was the BEST DAY EVER!!
He had opened his gifts...this is all.

We had to make him go with Daddy to pick up the cakes.  We had a surprise being delivered while he was away.  New bunk beds!  Two guys came and had them together in no time.  I filled his room with helium balloons, Mom and I quickly made up the beds and had everything near complete as they pulled up the lane and then delivery guys were pulling onto the road.  It couldn't have been more perfect timing!
The boys are in love with the bunk beds.  Mason wanted to sleep in the 'cool beds' at nap time today.  Since he still has his shoes and bar when he's sleeping he'll be in his crib for a little longer.
I think the boys will end up sleeping on the bottom bunk together if I were to guess.

We were setup and ready for the party to start!
We had 2 themes to work with.  I always want both boys to feel special even when they share a party.  
Austin went with the John Deere/Semi theme and Mason loves Lightening McQueen.

Mason loves animals and Moxie is no different!

Carol Jones did a fabulous job on the cakes, as always!
The boys each got their own cake.

I thought we were going to get away without having a jump house this year but Austin brought it up the week prior and since it was much cooler out, we agreed.  He was a little disappointed that we didn't get the cool one like last year with the slide but once this arrived he was fine!

These boys are family or good friends (friends that we were friends with prior to children).

I can't believe we all have boys.
My niece Jenna was the only girl!

Of course Mason was shy while everyone sang to him.  
I'm glad he didn't cry!

We have been practicing blowing out candles for quite some time.  So he was fine with turning around when everyone was finished to blow out his candles!

Austin enjoyed opening his gifts!

Since Mason's cousins are also Cars fans he had plenty of help with his gifts.

This shirt is from Nana and Papa Bob, I thought it was so perfect!

Mason, double fisting it with a chocolate donut and a sucker!

The older kids had fun playing ball in the yard.

The younger kids enjoyed the jump house!

We had to forgo our annual firework display because of the severe drought.  So we opted for these really neat paper lanterns that Papa and Granny brought the boys.  They were able to send their birthday wishes up.  They were pretty impressed.  I just love their faces in this picture!

Today you are 5

Today you are Five.
Five is full of silliness, cleverness and change.
  Five is mature and independent.
  Five means inquisitive, intelligence and silliness are part of the every day.
But Five is sometimes shy of a kiss.
Great in-depth conversations are all part of Five.
Whether you are a farmer, worker or simply caring for your little brother,
it is always done with conviction.
You are amazing, dear Five.
What a wonderful year this will be.

FIVE, I can't believe our first born is 5!  This just doesn't seem possible!  He's gotten so tall and seems to grown up.  He's full of stories and has a crazy imagination.  He loves taking care of his little brother and feeling the new baby kick and squirm in my tummy.  He gets up early, just like his Daddy.  He knows he has to stay quietly in his room until his clock turns to 7.  He then comes in to watch some cartoons in bed with me.  On occasion he lets me snuggle him but most mornings he's too old for that.  This kills me, so I definitely take advantage of the mornings that he lets me.  We wait for the sounds of Mason and we go get him together, most mornings.  Mason likes to hop in bed with Austin and watch some cartoons.  The peace never lasts long because it always turns into a wrestling match.  They do snuggle for a little bit though.

We plan to cherish this last year of preschool and maximize our time together here at home.  We are going to miss him so much next year while he's at school!

For breakfast he loves soft bread, no crust with peanut butter and syrup.  We have no idea where he came up with his concoction but he'll eat 2 pieces and ask for more.  If I have homemade zucchini or cinnamon bread he will want this with his milk.  Sometimes he eats pancakes, cereal, or waffles.   Here recently he's been asking if today is a stay at home day.  The boy just likes to stay home and play some days.  He's thrilled when Daddy lets him go to work with him.  He's a great eater as he loves fruit, sweet corn, tomatoes, bread, meat and hot dogs.  He'll pretty much eat anything we put in front of him.  He has a love for candy and chocolate...I think this is the 'Wilder' side coming out in him.  He's starting to not care for swim lessons as much anymore.  He's such a great swimmer!  He still takes a great 1 to 2 hour nap most afternoons with no fight.  If he doesn't fall asleep he plays quietly until 3pm.  His favorite show and movie right now are Dino Dan and Cars 2.
We love you Austin Shane!

Austin had a wonderful birthday.  By 8am he had declared after opening a few gifts that this was the best day ever!  He and Mason went with Daddy to get the birthday cakes and when he got back we had his bunk beds put together and made up in his room.  We filled the room with helium balloons and he was super impressed.  He took a good nap in his new bed and woke up to the Spies family here.  He was so excited for his friends to arrive for his birthday party.

These are his invites.

Happy birthday to our handsome five year old, Austin Shane.

Friday, August 17, 2012

32 Weeks

Ah, it feels great out!

We went to Danver's Day's tonight for dinner and a few rides.
We came home tonight and Austin finished off his caramel apples on the front porch.
If I camped...I would be sleeping outside tonight!  This weather is amazing!

I find the boys like this most mornings.  To the far left is the makings of a tent and they are focused on the TV, watching Nick Jr.